Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Was It A Coincidence or Was It God?

Sometimes we do have these moments in life where we say things like, "It's was just a coincidence", "Wow, what a coincidence that was", or numerous other comments like that. But it's very seldom that we consider the possibility of it being Divine Presence. There are many times in my life where I can look back and say that those 'so called' coincidences where in fact a Divine Presence, can you?

You know the moments in life I am speaking of don't you? The ones when we catch our breath and glimpse God's presence. Sometimes it is when we see the glowing face of a sleeping child, sometimes it is when we hear a song. These moments, which shine for an instant and then vanish in a flash, convey a sense of the Divine.

Every leaf, every blade of grass bears God's imprint. But these days most of us are urban dwellers leading hectic lives, and have lost the connection to the earth that enriched our forefathers and helped them see God. Obscured by skyscrapers and the haze of polluted skies, we can barely see the stars, let alone sense a Divine Presence.

Living as so many of us do, lives of alienation and despair, how can we help ourselves reconnect; to God, to one another, to our very selves?

Beyond nature, there are teachers, other experiences that can help us along our journey. These guides, beacons of light and signposts in the labyrinthine wilderness in which we wander, offer us gentle instruction and compassionate encouragement as they firmly propel us back to the path from which we may have strayed.

These experiences, common to us all, can help lead us to our unfulfilled destiny. They occur within the great universal flow of energy, and require nothing more than our sheer awareness of their presence. When consciousness is cultivated and perception is heightened, these experiences can serve as vital tokens of growth and transformation. To encounter these moments in their fullness and richness, to be aware of their message and hear their music, is truly to know God. And predominant among these experiences is the phenomenon we call coincidences.

Coincidences have been defined as luck, chance, a fluke, something our of the ordinary, or a random conjoining of inexplicable events that defies our sense of the reasonable. I firmly believe that coincidences are much more than simple accidents or quirks of fate. To me, coincidences are blessings, the spiritual manna that hosts of angels send down to illuminate our path. They are vivid, striking, awe-inspiring examples of Divine Providence. They are acts of God.

Thousands of years ago, God spoke to man through sublime miracles he preformed on massive scales. We are not so fortunate. Today we wrestle with a hidden God, a concealed God, a God who no longer parts seas, stops the sun, or turns people into pillars of salt. Instead we have coincidences. Smaller, more personal, everyday miracles. For when a coincidence does take place, it is nothing more and nothing less than God tapping us on the shoulder, whispering, or at times even shouting: "I'm here! I'm with you!" Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous.

Coincidences can also be seen as opportunities for change, vital keys towards expanding our consciousness. If we can learn to become more aware of and attuned to coincidences, more cognizant of their significance, that we will evolve to a higher state of being. When we integrate both the experience and the meaning of coincidences into our lives, we open ourselves to the enriching possibilities, the blessings, and the sense of harmony with the universe that they offer.
I heard a story once of a holy man who radiated an unusual aura of inner peace and joy. An unearthly, almost celestial glow shone from his body, and attracted vast crowds who pursued him everywhere. They would call to him, "Are you a God?" "No." he would answer. "Are you an angel?" "No." "Are you a prophet?" finally he said, "No, I am simply awake."

Coincidences are everywhere and can happen at any time. When your soul is ready, they will come. All that is required is that you open your heart.