Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Power Of "Choice" & Possibilities!

Do you ever wish that you could change the past?

But if you could change the past, you would be able to correct every mistake, avoid every accident, and never experience the pain of regret?

In fact, you can very easily change the past. How you ask?
Well, you simply must do it before the past becomes the past.

This moment where you are right now will soon be in the past!! So now is your golden opportunity to assure that it will be a past you'll be pleased to have.

With care and focus, with love, discipline and positive intention, you can do just that!!
You can
change what will soon be the past into the best that it can be!!

Imagine not having to wonder what would have happened if only you had been a little more careful, thoughtful or diligent. Imagine living your life with no regrets!!

Imagine it, and know that right now is your chance to make it happen. Use this moment to gift yourself a past that won't need any changes at all!!

You know, any real value that comes to you must come through you. To experience any kind of abundance, is a matter of becoming the lens through which that abundance is focused.

Every moment is bursting with all sorts of possibilities. Yet relatively few of those possibilities ever become reality.

The possibilities that do become reality, do so as the result of being infused with meaning and purpose. That is precisely what you have the opportunity to do!!

From a world of possibilities, you are able to choose those that are the best. And because they have real meaning for you, with your focus and effort you can bring them to life.

Real abundance is not limited to just a lucky few. It is available to anyone who makes the choice to fashion it into something meaningful!!

Discover and experience how you can express, in your own unique way, the ever present value of life!! And as you do, that value will hold more and more meaning for you!!


Tough Cookie said...

Great post! Let's focus on the now so that the past is never a regret :-)

I love what you said about the pain patches because I was thinking that when I got the idea for the post. The skin is even more crazy because like you said, it goes directly into the blood stream!!! Why would I want to put nasty toxins like mercury and arsenic directly into my bloodstream? So they can kill me at a more rapid rate? I don't think so! said...

Great info! :)