Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wanted to share with you all ....

Hello everyone,
I am having a superb morning so far and I want to share with everyone a way that you can have a superb morning....every morning!!

Morning Prayer

Now I wake me up to live
I'll give life all I have to give

If today I face a test
I'll cope & pray & do my best

With each breath & step I take
Be with me Lord for heavens sake.


I also want to invite you all to listen to my radio program today at 1:00pm CST.
Our guest is Carl E David author of "Bader Field - How My Family Survived Suicide". Around this time of year with all the stress of gifting for Christmas there are so many who become overwhelmed and choose to leave this world before their time. Carl's brother committed suicide and left no note or any reason for him making that decision, but Carl and his family made it through all the difficulty it caused in their realm. So I sincerely hope you join us to hear the way they survived as well as things you can do to help someone you know and love is showing signs of being at the breaking point where you are concerned they may make the same choice.

Here is the info & link for the show:

Show Name:  Winning Life Through Pain
Show Link: 
Show Time:  1:00pm CST

Hope to see you all there!

**Make It An Amazing Day .... Every Day!**

~God Bless!~
Coach Marla

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